Month: June 2015

  • An Old Video Gavin(are I.T) Had Found

    My I.T Gavin had found an old video that was made in 2011. I had thought the video was lost but he found it so if you want to check out are video of The Original Curiosity Camp then go to the About Us tab

  • Comments

    If you have any comments,  please place them here so we can see what our camps  have done for you. We always welcome feedback from  the parents and children.

  • Contact The I.T. For Support

    Hello, My name is Gavin. I’m the Counselor/I.T. for The Original Curiosity Camp and would like to give support  if you are having any problems with this webpage for the camps we offer at Providence Day School. If you are looking for my contact information it’s below Thank you and if you need help […]