About Us

The Original Curiosity Camp was founded by Miss Ava on June 14, 1993 in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Miss Ava. As the “Science Lady”, Miss Ava taught over 100,000 students in more than 100 area schools. Her goal has always been to enhance the education of small children through discovery learning and experimentation. Children get to see everything up close and touch. There is a make & take activity with each class.

The Original Curiosity Camp is a safe environment for children. We do not engage in conversations about evolution, race, religion, finances, or personal preferences. We strive to maintain the innocence of children.

No child has ever suffered illness or injury by visiting the camp. We practice safe health by wearing lab gloves when needed, using hand sanitizer, distancing, and meeting in small groups.

Miss Ava returned to her home in Brunswick County Virginia December 2020 and started making plans to set up shop in a new way. She talked to her closest friends and business associates who decided to join her in her efforts. As of June 2, 2022, The Original Curiosity Camp became a non profit tax exempt corporation.

It is governed by a Board of Directors. There are no stock holders or private investors. It belongs to the community………………the whole community.

The Original Curiosity Camp will be housed in this beautiful estate located at 24060 Christanna Hwy, Alberta, Virginia. The main house was built in the early 1800’s by Levi Abernathy, the great great grandfather of Miss Ava. Mr. Levi was a share cropper.

The estate features the main house and several smaller outside buildings. An addition was added in 1930 connecting the main house with the kitchen by Mr. Hill Abernathy who was the youngest son of Mr. Levi.

Mr. Hill and his wife, Amorette had two daughters, Virgina Lee and Hilda. Because they lived on an active farm, they invited a small boy named Charlie to come and live with them to help with the crops. His little cottage still stands.

The estate is owned by Mr. Hill’s grandson who has graciously agreed to allow The Original Curiosity Camp to renovate it and set up a children’s hands on science center to serve southside Virginia.

At this time we need to raise $150,000 to make the necessary renovations to bring the buildings up to code. We are asking everyone to make a “seed” pledge of $7.50 during the month of May by calling or texting Miss Ava at 704-942-8817 or emailing missava@missava.net.

If and only if we get $150,000 in “seed” pledges, you will be asked to make a donation in the amount of your “seed” pledge during the month of June.

We can meet our goal if everyone will help a little.