ASC Residencies

Miss Ava is offering Residencies through the Arts & Sciences Council. These residences will meet once a week for 4 – 6 weeks for 60- 90 minutes depending on the school’s calendar. All residencies are arranged through your Arts & Sciences Counsel representative at your school.

Cost is $60 per child.

Participants in the residency get to experience many hands on activities. There is a make & take with each class. Some projects require several classes to complete.

Residency choices include:


Building Dinos

Discover how paleontologists learn about these giant creatures by studying fossils. Use plaster of Paris to make a fossil print of your very own. Identify bones from a real cow skeleton. Construct a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex outlining its bones and internal organs.  Stuff it and paint it to complete its shape.  Add teeth and googly eyes for the finishing touch!

Catching Critters

Fascinated by bugs that burrow in the dirt or live in the pond? Learn the body parts of the bug and how insects are different from spiders. Decorate a critter cage for insects that live on the land like beetles and grasshoppers.  Decorate and build habitats for butterflies and meal worms and take them home to observe each go through metamorphosis for the next 8 to 10 weeks.


Ooze, Glop, & Slime

If your little kids love to get messy, this is a great residency for them! Students  will mix ordinary kitchen ingredients to make extraordinary concoctions. Experiment with the different states of matter, liquids, solids, gases and colloids to make ooey, gooey substances that you can squish,  squash, or dribble off your fingertips. Build a volcano and make it erupt.


 Rock Hounds

Learn how to identify rocks, minerals, and gemstones to start your collection…or build on to the one you already have. Learn how sedimentary, Igneous, and metamorphic rocks are formed. Make a sieve for creeking for rocks as well as a collection box.


ZAP! Electricity

Learn about static electricity and current electricity. Projects include making a simple electroscope that detects static electricity after rubbing a balloon on a wool sweater. See how the Van DeGraff generator makes your hair stand up.  Assemble a circuit board complete with battery, buzzer, motor, light, and switch.