Daily Blog 7/02/15

Hey, me here,me who? Well Gavin that’s who and I dug up a  wonderful summer camp for you. Digging It is the camp I’m looking at today. Digging It is a camp where your kids learn how  Archaeologist,  Paleontologist and Geologists use certain tools to uncover artifacts hidden in the ground. They also learn more about bones and fossils that are in the crust of the earth. In this camp we teach  how Archaeologist, Paleontologist and Geologist are very different.

Paleontologist dig up fossils and bones in the earth’s crust



Archaeologist dig up treasures from the earth’s crust like, gold, diamonds, buried towns, and anything related in ancient civilizations.

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Geologist are scientists who look for rocks and Geological structures .



Now you might be saying “Gavin don’t they do the same thing?” Well in some aspects they are,  but if you look closer, they are not the same.

Why  does Miss Ava call  the camp Digging It? Because  the campers study about the 3 kinds of diggers: Paleontologist, Archaeologist, and Geologist. Watching kids find new things and seeing their faces light up like a night light makes Digging It a great camp.This camp is offered from  July 13th to July 17th .