Daily Blog 7/07/15

Hey we have another murder on are hands.  Can the Who Dunnit campers figure it out? Well your Daily Blogger, Gavin,  is not getting involved. Speaking of Daily Blog’s, Today I’m looking at the camp Who Dunnit? Now you’re probably asking  “Why are you doing this camp again Gavin?” Because each Who Dunnit? features its own murder mystery. The staff members from The Original Curiosity Camp and Providence Day School get involved. Campers issue arrest warrants and interrogate suspects. Well If you don’t know we at TOCC have 18 camps that are offered in different combinations.  Another murder pop’d up so I’m leaving the Who Dunnit campers to solve the case.

Poor Girl. I Feel So Bad For Her

This “victum” is made of panty hose stuffed with cotton stuffing, a mask covered with masking tape, a wig, and marbles set into foamcore for eyes. The blood is fake of course. It took three staff members about 2 hours to make her.