Daily Blog 7/08/15

Hey, do you have a grasshopper in your boot ? Well the Catching Critters camp is on the chase to catch some critters. Man I cant believe kids love bugs of all types. I like them but some creep me out. you know what I mean? Oh yea,  I haven’t introduced myself. Hello my name’s Gavin.  I’m your Daily Blogger from The Original Curiosity Camp. Today’s camp is Catching Critters, a camp I’ve introduced in a past blog. Well I’m looking at this camp for one reason and one reason only. When I  introduced this camp I never said some of the important details. In this camp we go to Freedom Park  for all the insect needs of the Catching Critters camp. The one thing I never explained was that the kids can also find the critters they’re looking for in the earths crust aka the dirt. Your kid could be taking home meal worms that can turn into beetles over several weeks.


mealworm lifecycle
The life Cycle of a mealworm

Hope you like this camp!