Daily Blog 6/16/15

Hello,Gavin here again and today I was looking at a camp called Ooze,Glop,& Slime.The students are so respectful of Miss Jessica who is  teaching at The Original Curiosity Camp . Today the kids at Ooze,Glop,& Slime are learning to make Glop, You know Miss Ava has taught this camp many times over  the past 22 years.

Well there’s a funny story to this camp call Ooze,Glop,& Slime. One day  Miss Ava’s  was teaching this class to a group of adults. One man came in and  sat down.  He was going along with the instructions till it got to the stirring.  The man thought he knew what he was doing and pulled a pen  out of his pocket and started stirring that glop fast with the pen. After he was done, he had nothing but a watery mixer and no glop.  He said, “Miss Ava, how do I pick this up?”

She said, “You can’t”.  He watched she dumped his in the trash.

Miss Ava uses this story to teach her students how important it is to listen and follow directions if they want their glop to work.

btw…………the man was the superintendent of his school system.

Ooze, Glop, & Slime
Ooze, Glop, & Slime

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