Groups of 25                   Ages 4 – 12

$100 per class                  45 Minutes

Make & Take for each child

          Miss Ava founded The Original Curiosity Camp in June 1993. Since then she has taught over 100,000 children in the Charlotte area. Each program is designed to enhance the child’s education through discovery learning and experimentation. Miss Ava is locally know as “The Science Lady” a title given to her by one of her students over 20 years ago.

To Book a Program

Miss Ava

Call Miss Ava at 704-942-8817 or

email: missava@missava.net

Program  Choices


Animal Tracks: Learn the difference between domestic and wild animals. Make a tracks pack field guide to use to identify animal tracks.

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Astronaut Training (The Right Stuff): The focus of this program is building character traits including honesty, integrity, and accountability. Students will learn historical facts about NASA and witness a demonstration using a scale model of a Saturn 5 rocket. They will participate in a problem solving activity to emulate the Apollo 13 crew’s challenge of designing an adapter that will enable a square fitting to go into a round hole. Each student will be given a closed brown bag containing several objects from which they will build a tool with a specific purpose.

mealworm lifecycle

Catching Critters: Students will examine numerous specimens of insects and learn about the three body parts of the insect. Educational books, toys, and games help teach them about critters that live on the land or in the water. They will receive mealworms to take home to watch go through metamorphosis during the next 10 weeks with parents’ permission. These may be released right away also as bird food in the wild if they choose.

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Uncovering Ancient Mysteries: Students examine numerous artifacts dating hundreds of years old including pottery fragments from the Catawba Indians as well as spear heads from the Meherrin Indians and stones from an ancient fort in Albania. Students work with clay to create a medallion to keep.

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Erupting Volcanoes: Students will learn about plate tectonics that allow heat and pressure to build up causing volcanic eruptions. They will combine sand topping mix with water to build a small volcano. They will use baking soda, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and vinegar to simulate an explosion.


Fossil Prints: Students will examine fossil specimens, prints, and replicas to learn about plants and animals that lived in prehistoric times. Each will scape play do from a fossil print to take home.

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Good Vibrations: Students will use a variety of instruments including the Chime-along to experience how sound is produced through vibrations. Students will tap a tuning fork and touch the surface of water to show how sound radiates from the center. The make and take is a simple kazoo made from rubber bands and tongue depressors.

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Invisible Forces: Students handle magnets, balancing toys, and hoops with balls to learn about invisible forces including magnetism, gravity, and centrifugal force. They make and take a whirling cup that demonstrates centrifugal force.

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Made You Look: Students will experiment with numerous light gadgets including prisms, reflectors, kaleidoscopes, and periscopes to learn how light can be reflected or refracted. They will mix primary and secondary colors to create new colors on the color wheel. The make and take is an optical illusion that makes the fish look like it is in the bowl when you roll the stick to which it is attached back and forth between your hands.


Ooze,Glop,& Slime: Students learn about the states of matter including gases, liquids, and solids. They work in teams to mix solids and liquids to create a colloid called “Glop”.


Physics Fun: Learn how the universe behaves considering the properties of matter, motion, forces, magnetism, and electricity. Construct a paper roller coaster.

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Rock Hounds: Students will examine numerous rock collections including metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary samples.  Students will be invited to choose a rock to keep for their personal collection.



Sharks! : Students will learn about one of nature’s most feared predators through a number of posters. They will examine specimens of sea creatures collected from the shores of North and South Carolina, a bull shark’s jaw, and a prehistoric megaladon’s tooth. They will search through fossil sands from Aurora, NC to find small shark’s teeth, sea urchin’s spines, and shell fragments to add to their collection

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Stomp Rockets: Students learn about air pressure through a couple of demonstrations. Each student will construct his/her own stomp rocket using a 20 bottle, tubing, tape, and straws. These really help students understand how air that is invisible works.


ZAP! Electricity: Students will conduct experiments using a variety of materials to generate static electricity. They will observe how the VanDeGraff Generator causes certain materials to react. Each student will build a simple electroscope which detects static electricity. They will also experiment with a number of simple circuit boards to make a light bulb light up, a buzzer to sound, or a motor to spin a propeller.