Science Club

     Science Club for K – 3

With Miss Ava, The Science Lady

(Day)     (Time after school)      Cost: $40 per student

Class 1: Catching Critters: Learn about metamorphosis. Receive mealworms to watch change from worms to beetles over the next 8 weeks. Easy to take care of.

Class 2: Fossil Fun: See real specimens, prints, and replicas. Scrape off the play doh to see if you have an ammonite, trilobite, fern, or shark’s tooth fossil.

Class 3: Stomp Rockets: Assemble an air rocket using a soda bottle, tubing, and straws. Stomp the bottle to launch the straw rocket.

Class 4: Invisible Forces: Experience the difference between gravity, inertia, magnetism, and centrifugal force. Make a spinning cup for your collection.

Class 5: Ooze, Glop, & Slime: Mix ordinary kitchen ingredients to make this awesome glop that drips off your fingers and can be blown into bubbles.



        Science Club     

        for Grades 4 and 5

With Miss Ava,The Science Lady

(Day)     (Time after school)    Cost: $40

1st Class: Uncovering Ancient Mysteries: Discuss how huge stone structures like Machu Picchu could have been constructed. Make a clay model.

2nd Class: Astronaut Training: Learn about the Apollo 13 mission where astronauts had to make an adapter that would save their lives. Construct a tool using a variety of items.

3rd Class: Tracking Animals: Learn how to identify the tracks of animals like deer, bear, and raccoon. Make a field guide to keep.

4th Class: Rock Hounds: Examine a collection of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rock. Choose a semi precious gemstone for your collection.

5th Class: ZAP! Electricity: Use the hand cranked Van deGraaf generator to make static. Make a simple electroscope that detects static.

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