Jr Scientist Dvd

The Jr Scientist Dvd features three of Miss Ava, the Science Lady’s hands on science classes including


Fossil Fun

Learn how cow bones resemble those of a t-rex,  Make a plaster cast of  a fossil using play doh and plaster of Paris . See artifacts dating back to 100 BC

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Ooze, Glop, & Slime

Mix ordinary kitchen ingredients to make this amazing substance that stretches and dribbles off the end of your fingers. Stick a straw in it and blow a bubble. Everyone’s favorite way to get messy!


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Stomp Rockets

Assemble a stomp  rocket using a  soda bottle, 1/4 inch tubing , and straws to launch a small rocket. See how quickly changing the air pressure can launch an air rocket to  heights of 100 feet or more.


Instructions for each make & take is enclosed.

The price is $9.95 including shipping.

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Miss Ava, the Science Lady


Jr Scientist Dvd