Season of Joy

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The Corona Virus Pandemic has touched everyone in such a profound way. It is likely that our lives will never be the same again.  Still this crisis has brought out the best in people.

You will find yourself “happy tearing” over this  collection of inspirational stories recounting the blessings that poured out on author Miss Ava during a forty day period after seven years of one challenge after another.

Editorial Review from Westbowpress

In Season of Joy, the author weaves together her love for helping people and teaching children, her passion for God’s Word, and her life experiences. She candidly describes her struggles, such as death in the family, a house fire, and dealing with the drug addiction of a loved one. However, the author keeps her focus on God’s plan in all things—and in doing so, encourages the reader to look for God’s plan in his or her life as well. This book will resonate with those who have faced—or are facing—difficulties in life and need to be encouraged that God is with them. The encouraging stories in this volume and ample Bible verses given will prove to be uplifting for those who struggle

Miss Ava
Miss Ava

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