Each month the science center will feature a theme. All programs will be centered around that theme.


September: DINOS & FOSSILS: Discover how paleontologist identified dinosaurs using fossils. Make a replica of a T-Rex that stands 3 feet tall.

October: OOZE, GLOP, & SLIME : Everyone’s favorite way to get messy! Mix ordinary kitchen ingredients to make extraordinary concoctions.

November: EARTH BUDDIES: Learn about animals and their habitats.

December: SCIENCE TOYS: Enjoy building stuff with tubes & knobs, plus plus, straws & connectors, legos, and numerous kinds of building blocks.

January: INVISIBLE FORCES: Demonstrate how stomp rockets overcome gravity, a whirling cup shows how centrifugal force works, and magnetism makes science look like magic.

February: ZAP! ELECTRICITY: Build a circuit board featuring a buzzer, light, and a motor.

March: ROCK HOUNDS: Make a sifter to collect rocks. Identify and label them for your own rock collection.

April: CATCHING CRITTERS: Learn which insects are safe to catch, how some insects go through metamorphosis, and what insects do to help humans.

May: NATURE’S ART: Conduct experiments using dyes with flowers and fabrics to create unique art pieces. Build and paint a bird house.

The Original Curiosity Camp is located at 24060 Christanna Hwy, Alberta, Virginia after renovations are completed. We hope to be ready by September, 2022.

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Visits for school groups in grades K – 5 will be offered on Mondays – Fridays from 9 am – 12 pm.

Visits for families and friends will be offered on Mondays – Fridays from 12 pm – 3 pm.

Each visit will include a hands on science activity and a make & take. Cost is $5 per person. Space is limited to 30. Reservations are required.


To make a reservation, call or text Miss Ava at 704-942-8817 or email [email protected]